Flood Panel Water Seepage and Impact Testing

A flood panel, like the ones made by Flood Risk America needs to pass several tests before certification. Water seepage and Impact testing of the flood panel was the subject for a business video we were recently hired to shoot and edit. A lot of work goes into setting up the testing process. Setting up the test rig, adjusting speeds and points of impact and crunching the data to see if each test was successful.

A couple of the challenges from a video standpoint were creating various proprietary camera mounts and getting interesting camera angles.  We even had an underwater camera and a camera mounted to the impact rig to give the real “feel” of the impact testing on the panel!  After each impact, they would fill up the test rig with water to check for leaks in the panel. If there were no leaks, they’d move on to the next test.

It was an extremely interesting experience. Definitely a first for us, and we got some insight into the whole testing process. Having to create the camera mounts for the impact device and getting unusual camera angles really flexed our creativity! The view from the underwater camera showing the test rig filling up with water was amazing. The overhead cameras covered everything from the rig filling up to the actual impact testing. The cameras on the impact rig really made you “feel” the impact!

If you have a product you’re planning to test or demonstrate, we can create a video that you can use on the web or in a presentation. Here’s an example!

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