Best Documentary Short – Las Vegas Movie Awards

Viper Virus wins Best Documentary Short in Las Vegas!

Our pandemic documentary “Viper Virus: History in the Making” won Best Documentary Short at the Las Vegas Movie Awards this past November. Jointly produced with Celeste Thorson of DogTV Productions, LLC. ivermectin fleas dogs , it has been selected to be in over 50 film festivals around the world!

“Viper Virus” covers some of the impact on local businesses, churches and restaurants. Included are interviews with people explaining the impact the pandemic had on their lives,  and through photography (shot by Celeste) and video interviews (some in-person and some via Zoom), we were able to show how our local area was impacted. how much 1.87 ivermectin for horses do i give 15 lb dog

Production efforts were sometimes stymied by all of the mandates for masking, social distancing and business closures. While this was an occasional problem, solutions were found to work within the guidelines. At the time production had started, remote interviewing was relatively new and made for some interesting challenges.

Not available for public viewing yet (due to film festival restrictions), “Viper Virus” has, to date, been selected to 51 film festivals, and waiting for a few more to finalize their selections. It has been a great experience for us, and the fact that these film festivals are world-wide gives us greater exposure! ivermectin tablets 3mg sale

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