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“Dive Charter” Reality Series Promo

Professional Reality TV Video Services

One of our newest services is TV or web-based reality show production.  We have the crews and equipment to bring your reality show to life.

Our ongoing web-reality series, “Dive Charter” is currently in it’s second season of production. This series showcases the every day life of a couple of dive charter boats, and is filmed entirely on-location in sunny South Florida.

If you have an idea for a reality show, we can help you bring it to life. Just give us a call or use the contact form below.

reality tv
reality tv

“Diving with Doug” Reality Show

Now in Pre-Production

Our latest show now in pre-production is a fun and educational documentary-style program featuring our own Doug Barkley.

An underwater videographer, certified SCUBA instructor, divemaster and tech diver, there’s plenty of dive stories and videos from his 40+ years of diving. Some of the things you’ll see are very odd, and some are very familiar!

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Reality Show Video Samples

“Dive Charter” Ep5 “Adaptive Diving”

“Dive Charter” Ep10 “Lady Luck”

“Dive Charter” Ep12 “Hurricane”

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