Film Audition Location Shoot – Janice Hamilton

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Film Audition Location Shoot

We recently had the opportunity to work once again with our client Janice Hamilton. This time it was a film audition location shoot in her home. She is auditioning for a movie role, and the casting agency wanted a video of a few scenes.

Once all the gear is loaded up, we head to Janice’s house to set up the shoot. We used a living room which required us to move some furniture around. is ivermectin good for dwarf hamster Don’t worry, everything was handled gently and returned to original place after we were done! Once we are set up and all lighting, sound and video checks are done, the shoot can begin! dangers of ivermec in humans

Janice had 3 scenes to perform, 2 of which required someone to read a second character’s lines! Crew member Doug got ‘volunteered’ to read lines with Janice, which made for some interesting moments! Doug is NOT an actor, but he managed to get it done! It’s always fun when the crew gets in on the action!

This shoot required the following:

  • Video (2 camera angles)
  • Audio (boom and wireless mikes)
  • Lighting (natural mixed with artificial)
  • Teleprompter
  • Video monitors
  • Backdrop & stand

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