Force-E Store Video Shoot

Today’s blog topic is the Force-E Store Video Project!

The goal for the day was to create a Force-E store video of divers on wrecks and reefs & having fun on their dives. ivermectin human trials for covid 19   Force-E wanted to show divers the fun things they can see and do while diving here in Florida. ivermectin treat thrush I went out with South Florida Diving Headquarters onboard “Aqua View”, headed out to the “Sea Emperor”. I was diving with Nikole Ordway, Erin Porter and Missy Witt.

We explored the “Sea Emperor”, found some green moray eels and other critters while Nikole, Erin and Missy mugged for the camera. We also explored a nearby reef and marveled at the numbers of fish we saw. ivermectin online sale The video is only available for viewing at any of the Force-E stores here, so stop by one today!

See also: “Force-E Grouper Dive 2012

Another fun project here in Paradise!

The Video Dude

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