Product Demo Videos for Dive Gear Express

Currently, we are involved in a product demo videos project with Dive Gear Express. The goal is to create informational product videos for their website. ivermectin and permethrin at the same time   These videos will demonstrate individual products, as well as provide “how-to” info for using them. ivermectina pode alterar o ciclo menstrual The product demo videos will range in length from 30 seconds to 2-minutes.  DGX customers will get information needed to decide on a purchase, or assemble a purchased product.  There will also be some videos showing “behind-the-scenes” at DGX. does ivermectin require a prescription in canada   

Editing of the raw footage, graphic creation and addition of background music is underway. Finished segments will appear on the Dive Gear Express website on the various product pages. 

Here’s a sample: HERE

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  1. IvyWerner

    Not bad, but I would add a bit of dynamics. It will not be superfluous? How do you think?

  2. Video Dude

    Thanks Ivy. I agree with you, however the client was extremely particular on how they wanted the finished product(s) to look. They specified the overall look including what font to use as well as the open/close graphics. As the editor, sometimes you don’t have a choice!

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