Blue Grotto 2015

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Today we dove in the Blue Grotto in Williston, FL.  Terri, Jayson, Jeanette, Julie and I were there to do some fun recreational diving.  We had been to Blue Grotto in years past, but became unhappy with the facility when the previous owners let it get rundown.  I am happy to say that the NEW owners have spent a LOT of money to fix the facility up and it looks amazing now! I almost didn’t recognize the place!  There is an extremely large gear setup/observation platform, beautiful restroom/shower facilities and well-manicured grounds.

After setting up our gear on the new platform, we all hit the water for an enjoyable dive. existe ivermectina infantil  The water temp is 72 degrees year-round at the Blue Grotto and today we had the whole facility to ourselves, so crystal clear water was the choice of the day. prescription ivermectin for sale for people  The cavern section and the diving bell were enjoyed by all and Terri, Jayson and I hit the lower cavern and cave section for a deep dive close to 100ft. are ivermectin shots given 24 hrs apart  At the end of the dive I encountered “Virgil”, the official turtle mascot of Blue Grotto.


An excellent day of fun diving here in Paradise!

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