Devils Den 2015 – Group Trip Returns for More Fun

by | Jan 29, 2015 | Trip Reports | 0 comments

Today we went to Devils Den in Williston, FL to dive in the underground spring.  The spring is 72 degrees year-round and is used for both recreational diving and for dive training classes. ivermectin crushable  Terri, Jayson, Jeanette, Julie and I were there just to have some fun.  We spent over an hour underwater exploring the spring and all the swim-throughs and encountered some fresh-water fish and a Striped Turtle.  This was Jayson‘s first visit to Devils Den and he enjoyed it immensely.  He now wants to get cave training, so he can explore other caverns and caves.  Maybe I can get him to take the class with me?

Another day of doing cool stuff here in Paradise,

The Video Dude

For more info on Florida diving/snorkeling spots, check out iDiveBlue‘s directory HERE

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