Goliath Grouper Aggregation

This year’s Goliath Grouper Aggregation on the wreck of the “Castor” has been one for the record books. Hundreds of Goliath Grouper have been spotted at this (and other) locations, making dive trips to these spots an amazing adventure for everyone!This year we dove with Underwater Explorers out of Boynton Beach, FL.


The boat “Underwater Explorer” only carries 6 divers, so it was a nice, uncrowded experience. After the dive master tied off to the wreck, we followed the line down and were immediately greeted by Goliath Grouper of all sizes. They had basically taken over the wreck! Everywhere we went there were schools or pairs of Goliath Grouper hanging out and letting the divers take photos and video. There were even several INSIDE the wreck, looking for a quiet spot when they’d had enough of the divers. Definitely a fun dive and I would absolutely go back again!


You can also check out the full video (@5 minutes) on YouTube


Doing cool stuff here in Paradise,

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