Diveheart Discover Scuba – Miami

We’re back underwater as we shoot video for the Diveheart Discover Scuba Experience in Miami, FL. Diveheart is an organization that brings Scuba Diving opportunities to handicapped individuals of all types, and allows them the chance to experience the underwater world for the first time.


They get to experience what it’s like to be weightless, breathe underwater and see what we as diver see everyday. Some of these divers actually change their personality while underwater and “come out of their shell” when they realize they too can participate in diving. If you ever get the chance to be a volunteer buddy at one of these events, I recommend it highly. buy ivermectin topical for dogs ¬†Definitely a great day in the pool and we will absolutely do it again! liquid ivermectin for cattle


You can also check out a video clip of the Diveheart Discover Scuba event (@3 minutes) on YouTube


Doing cool stuff here in Paradise,

The Video Dude

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