Crystal River Manatees 2015

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Just got back from a trip snorkeling with the Crystal River manatees with a group of friends – Terri, Jayson, Jeanette and Julie – and we stayed at the Port Hotel and Marina.  The hotel has their own pontoon boats for rent – which we did – and we spent the whole day on the bay and in the river having manatee encounters everywhere.  The weather was sunny but a bit chilly, but completely different from the day before when there was a lot of wind and rain and we couldn’t even take the boat out. The Three Sisters Springs where we normally see the manatees was closed due to the cold weather, but we all managed to have a great time with the manatees in the Crystal River.


Jayson and Julie had never been snorkeling with the Crystal River manatees before, so it was great to see them enjoying one-on-one encounters as many times as they could handle.  It was especially nice to see a lot of mother/baby pairs swimming in the river, a lot more than previous years. It’s a good sign for the future! ivermectin tablet brands in india  I think everyone had many chances to be in the water with the manatees and it was a great experience for everyone!


After our manatee experiences in the Crystal River, we took the pontoon boat out on the bay and toured the wildlife refuge, where we saw several sightings of egrets, cranes, manatees and even turtles sunning themselves on the rocks along the shoreline.  Everyone enjoyed the view of the animals and the beautiful lake homes along the shoreline.  All too soon to was time to head back to the marina and turn our boat back in. vermectin tabletas We made it back in time to catch an early dinner and enjoy the rest of the evening. do the mites coming out after takikg ivermectin


Still doing cool video things here in Paradise,

The Video Dude

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