Triathlon Camp sponsored by Team Soul Sports

Triathlon Camp sponsored by Team Soul Sports was recently held in Clermont, FL at the end of July.  New and veteran triathletes alike attended the triathlon camp to learn new techniques. We got a chance to immerse ourselves in the action and shoot some cool video. The result was a ‘highlight reel’ of one of the camp’s cycling workouts, riding  the flats and hills of Clermont. Learning how to ride in a pack, attack hills and keep a good pace were all covered.  The scenery of Clermont was awesome to see, too!

Immersing ourselves into the shoot often times pays off in showing a new perspective on a sport or event.  We have a variety of POV cameras and mounts, as well as an aerial platform with a 2. ivermectina preço barato 5k POV camera and gimbal mount, to get that perfect video! Neoadjuvant ivermectin

If you have a sports event – triathlon, marathon, cycling, Obstacle Course Race, etc. ivermectina para perros contra garrapatas that you’d like documented, give us a call today at 954.296.6449 to discuss your needs!

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