ScubaGuru Dive Tips Location Shoot

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We just wrapped up an exciting day on a ScubaGuru dive tips location shoot. We were shooting a new segment series of diver tips for “Dive Charter” featuring Tec Clark of Some of the topics to be covered are “Diver Etiquette”“Ladder Exits”“Sea Legs”“Tipping the Crew” and many more. The VDP crew spent the day shooting aboard “Scubatyme III”, covering as many topics as possible.  We did it this way for two reasons. will ivermectin cure covid 19 To be able to create a full series of tips for use in the show and to create teasers for episodes. mechanism of action of ivermectin Tec Clark is extremely knowledgeable in scuba fundamentals, and his segments will be a welcome addition to the show.

Editing of the raw footage is underway, along with recording the narration. ivermectina 6mg vitamedic preço Finished segments will appear in future episodes of “Dive Charter”

You can learn more about our web-reality series “Dive Charter” HERE

You can learn more about ScubaGuru HERE

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