Hit & Run 5K OCR – Action Sports Video Production

The Hit & Run 5K Obstacle Race in Orlando,FL is the first obstacle race of the season.  Inflatable obstacles, water and a little bit of foam made things interesting as we navigated the 3. ivermectin and antihistamine 1 mile course. If you’ve ever seen the TV show “WIPEOUT”, you’ll have a good idea what this race was all about. Big balls, walls that open to knock you over, slippery foam slides kept things interesting and lively. ivermectin sheep drench, goat dosage There wasn’t a frown to be seen all day long! remedio revectina preço Hit & Run 5K was definitely a fun race and Team Monkey Divers will absolutely go back again!

You can also check out a video clip of the “Duck or Dive” obstacle that included inflatable balance beams, water and giant red swinging balls (@2 minutes) on YouTube


Doing cool stuff here in Paradise,

The Video Dude

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