During the November 2018 local elections, we created a series of Pompano Beach election ads for various campaign topics.  The “Citizens for a Better Pompano Beach” were trying to get important projects passed. Some of these election ads were also recommending candidates that would continue the growth of Pompano Beach.  A lot of these ads were created using video and audio shot by members of the CBPB themselves.  We did the editing and creation of the final products. Some of the ads were aired on local network TV and also various cable networks.

The CPBP’s campaign was successful enough to get the voters to see the future growth of Pompano Beach as important. Forward-thinking leaders were voted in, and projects will continue for Pompano Beach.  We like to think that we helped accomplish the CPBP’s goals by creating these election ads for them to use. You can see videos and learn more about the CBPB on their homepage