Obstacle Course Racing video

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Obstacle Course Racing has it’s challenges when it comes to video. ivermectina tabletas para perros We’re not totally an underwater video company, from time to time we do ABOVE water stuff too! Last year I was lucky to be part of a mud obstacle course racing team called “Team Monkey Divers”.  I was tasked with creating a team video, which required me to get in the action myself. This required total immersion (pun intended) in the event in order to produce a great product. how much ivermectin should a 50 pound dog receive


As the next season is approaching, I thought it would be nice to post a mini-highlight reel from last season’s events. You all can see just what a crazy, muddy, fun time we had! buy ivermectin pills   Action sports certainly require extra effort, but it CAN be worth it in the end!


Getting muddy here in paradise,

The Video Dude

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