Reality Show “Dive Charter” Interviews

Today we had the opportunity to shoot reality show “Dive Charter” interviews. Two of the men who were involved in the cleanup and sinking of the two wrecks are being featuring in the next episode. dog has green diarrhea after ivermectin Jeff Guzowski and José Guaty are members of the South Florida Divers Dive Club based in Hollywood, FL. They, along with fellow club members, worked to clean up and prepare the wrecks for sinking as artificial reefs.

Featured in this episode are the wrecks of the “Jim Atria” and the “Ancient Mariner”. Jeff and José had plenty of stories and photographs to share.

See what Jeff and José had to say HERE

See also blog post “Episode 4 of Dive Charter goes online”

Working towards getting our reality show on network TV,

The Video Dude

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