Ever wonder whether an artificial reef works the way they’re supposed to? I mean, these wrecks are being sunk to increase fish populations, but is it working?  This 2-minute video of the “United Caribbean” wreck off the coast of Pompano Beach, FL should be of interest to you then!


The “United Caribbean” was a freighter confiscated in New York harbor for smuggling Chinese illegals into the country. The “United Caribbean” is now in 2 pieces, laying in @74fsw with it’s stern on it’s side and the bow upright in navigation position. You can easily swim between the two pieces and be sure to look for the two resident Goliath Groupers that call this wreck their home!  In addition to being a home for schools of fish life, an artificial reef can  also be home to other animals such as the Spotted Moray Eel seen at the end of the video. So if someone asks you if an artificial reef really works, say “Yes. Yes they do!”.

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