Scuba Fitness segments now appearing in “Dive Charter” web series

by | Oct 19, 2018 | Video Projects | 0 comments

We recently shot new segments for “Dive Charter” called “Scuba Fitness”, featuring April from Balanced Spirals. These fitness segments cover various exercises divers can do at home to strengthen their backs, abs and core muscles. The exercises will help divers deal with heavy scuba gear while diving and climbing the boat ladders.  The exercise segments are to be rotated through upcoming episodes, with new segments being added in the future. ivermectina 2 tabletas precio farmacia guadalajara   Divers will learn about easy-to-do exercises that don’t require special equipment or gyms. ivermectin doses for cats parasiteopedia Divers will also learn correct techniques and body positions for each exercise. is ivermectin scabies rabbits

You can view the first of the “Scuba Fitness” segments in Dive Charter Episode 12 – “Hurricane” – HERE

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