Force-E Grouper Dive 2012

The Force-E Grouper Dive is the subject of today’s blog.

Went diving today with Force-E Dive Centers on their Goliath Grouper Dive in Riviera Beach, FL. Nikole put on a great trip for us aboard Jim Abernethy Scuba Adventures“Deep Obsession”, and we dove on the Mitzpah Corridor, a series of 4 wrecks. The groupers like to use the wrecks for spawning, and they show up in huge numbers! stromectol india Most of the groupers were hanging around the “Mitzpah” wreck. We had a few close encounters both inside and outside the wreck.

The video from the Force-E grouper dive can be seen HERE

Check out more grouper action here: “Artificial Reef – Back to “School” on the United Caribbean”

Having fun shooting video here in Paradise,
The Video Dude

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